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What You'll Learn In Beatific Escapade?

Life & Career Clarity

- Self-Love and Personal Growth

- Goal Setting and Intentional Living

- Career Counseling and Guidance

Professional Development & Influence Building

- Confidence Building and Public Speaking

- Personal Branding and Content Creation

- Leadership and Team Building

Entrepreneurship & Impact

- Setting Up Digital Entrepreneurship

- Training, Coaching and Freelancing

- Social Impact and Sustainable Development

Exclusive Benefits of Joining Beatific Escapade Community

Powerful Learnings

Transformational Journey

Life Clarity & Empowerment

Intentional Networking

Aligned With Visions of SGDs & Viksit Bharat @2047

Who Are We?

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

Steve Jobs

Humans are having a robotic life, especially in today's digital age & have lost touch with their real selves. They are chasing perfection in everything they do, think & achieve- Perfect Education, Perfect Relationship, Perfect Career, Perfect Life.

But what they are missing out on in this journey of chasing perfectionism is To Be REAL! And that's why I, CS Neha Bajaj, Founder of The Beatific Escapade Hub, am here to help you get back to The Different You, to The Real You!

Who Can Be A Part of Beatific Escapade Community?

This is a community for INDIVIDUALS who are:

Seeking Personal Growth

Aspiring To Be Independent

Aspiring To Build Own Brand

Seeking Leadership Development

Building Their Authentic Self

Interested To Become Creators

Aspiring To Build Own Brand

Seeking An Inspired, Growth Focused & Abundant Life

You're Welcome To Join US If You're One of These:

School Students

College Students [UG + PG]

Fresher Graduates

Parents & Educators

Working Professionals



Who All Can Join

Beatific Escapade Membership?

Personal Development Seekers

Women Executives & Managers In Corporates


Coaches, Consultants & Mentors

Freelancers & Creators

Social Activists

Community Leaders

Join US & Start Your Journey of Becoming The Next Better Version of Yourself!

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Beatific Escapade is a dream project of CS Neha Bajaj where you'll witness transformational programs & coaching designed to help YOU become the next better version of yourself.

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